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Two way radio accessories

Heavy duty noise cancelling headset for Baofeng

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Product Description

Model NO. SF-EH40-K1

Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling Headset Built of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), the dome of the speaker is hard, durable and heat-resistant. Though the sturdy material of the speakers are a bit weighty, the Velcro taped headstraps with which you wear the headset relieves much of the weight and provides adjustable, comfortable wearing experience.

  1. Noise cancelling headset with boom microphone
  2. Adjustable call volume according to your demand.
  3. Volume knob (1PTT volume knob).
  4. It equips with a 3.5mm mono headphone jack under the helmet PTT.
  5. The mic is VOX ready. It can work in VOX mode with radios which has built-in VOX function. If your radio does not have built-in VOX function, it can still work in PTT mode.
  6. 2 large soundproofing earpieces close to your ears, which is not sensitive to the background noise. This is ideal for usage in high ambient environment such as driving, riding motorcycles and bicycles.
  7. High-quality material and function,
  8. It is popular application in the manufacturing engineers, technicians processing industry, construction teams, airport staff, racing teams working in noisy environments

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