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Two way radio accessories

Tactical earphone for kenwood two pins

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Product Description


Model No. SF-TA-02

Z Tactical earphone Bowman Elite II Headset


Two way radio Tactical earphone headset for Kenwood two pins TK3107 TK3207 TK480 TK 278

  • Two way radio tactical earphone headset
  • With Boom mic 
  • Wearing softly and comfortable to wear

Z Tactical Bowman Elite II headset widely used by NATO & military special forces. Designed for active combat and high noise applications. Allow headset to be worn under electronic protection or ear defenders, such as Sordin Supreme Pro. Vented type ear pad enable peripheral hearing or talk-through audio from electronic hearing protection. Offer a low-profile and vented ear-cup and a flexible m icrophone boom which is mounted low. Three adjustable suspension straps allow for a comfortable fit and stability


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