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Two way radio accessories

Msc-20e Nylon Radio Pouch Carry Bag for Motorola

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Product Description

Model No. :MSC-20E

This carry case MSC-20E suit for most different radios in the market
It is pretty good choice for adjustable interphone and digital camera. 
Economic ,convenient and untility.Waist hanging, chest hanging, shoulder hanging are available
Applicable to the police, production workshop, construction sites, such as a dangerous place, 
convenient carrying walkie-talkie  

  1. Nylon material
  2. Different method of wearing available for different person.
  3. leaves your hands free,safe and convenient.
  4. With three Angle rope lanyard, four hook, and adjustable shoulder, strap, it just ned to adjust once instead of everytime.
  5. Suit for police,firemen, first-aid personnel and so on.
  6. Color :black 
  7. Size:120*60*50mm
  8. Nylon case radio holder for Baofeng ,for Kenwood, for Quansheng,forPuxing, Wouxun, for ICOM, for YAESU for Motorola GP338, GP328, HT750 etc.
  9. Accessory included string, 2.3M length

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